Insureme Dubai - Online Insurance Supermarket of UAE is a wind of change that blows through the insurance market in the UAE. We aim to offer you a transparent one-stop shop for comparing and purchasing various insurance products online. provides a hassel free and easy-to-use online insurance portal where you can find the right products to suit your needs by comparing key benefits and prices side by side., by its very nature promotes a more competitive market place for insurance products. This in turn encourages insurance companies in the UAE to continuously improve and develop their products and services to your benefit no matter if you are in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or any of the other Emirates.

Why we are doing what we are doing?

We all live in a world where protection and indemnity are a fact of life. The launch of the portal promotes transparency and choice within the insurance market place. We would also like the portal to illustrate the importance and strategic dimensions of insurance. As recent events have shown the turning wheels of society and a growing economy are crucial, such that we as individuals can develop and prosper. reaches out to the community and aims to create awareness for subjects that matter to all of us. Punishing work schedules, unhealthy eating habits and daily challenges on overcrowded roads all push us to the edge both physically and mentally. promotes augmented issues against the traditional insurance products and promotes road safety, ideas for living a healthier lifestyle and encouraging a better work-life-balance. We want to discuss subjects that can positively impact you, your family, your neighborhood and the community that we all live in.

Our License and online technology is the brainchild of Netinsure BVI Ltd and is licensed by Viva Insurance Brokers LLC



Jamal joined the Me Group from the very beginning. Despite his youthful appearance, his history dates back almost 40 years. He is driven by the ethical standards of value, transparency, trust and customer first, and is never afraid to stand up and shout "this is wrong" to anyone who thinks or acts otherwise. Jamal has many admirers and at the same time a number of enemies who do not agree with his approach.

He’s delighted to be part of a group of people with the highest standards, knowing that everything the company does is designed for the client.


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