, the only insurance comparison website in the UAE launched

United Arab Emirates: Tuesday, June 21 - 2011 at 11:45PRESS RELEASE is the first and currently the only insurance comparison website in the UAE for purchasing insurance online. A one-stop-shop where consumers can compare, select and buy insurance products from the comfort of their PC., by its very nature promotes a competitive market place for insurance products. This in turn encourages insurance companies to continuously improve and develop their products for the benefit of the customer - a development very much encouraged by the UAE Insurance Authorities.

Long gone are the days of trawling through insurance companies and brokers booths to find the best deal. is both convenient and time saving. Customers simply enter their details and will do all the hard work and provide the top offers within seconds. It is then a simple matter to select and instantly buy the best suitable deal. is the catalyst that will bring about a much-needed change in the way insurance products are produced and delivered. does not only serve the mass consumer market, it also offers insurance companies a way to optimize and personalize their products while still being competitive.

Sanjay Tolani, Director of Goodwill Brokers and a pioneer in the UAE insurance industrydecided to team up with NetInsure, a service and technology companytodevelop the brand.

Mr. Tolani said at the official launch yesterday, "When we first met with Net Insurewe sensed the enormous opportunity.NetInsure is the exclusive distributor of Polaris software, which aims to improve efficiency and reduce the costs of transacting insurance business. It allows the creation of innovative products and considers risk-mitigating factors for better pricing. The current market practice is that customers who represent a high risk to the insurer are priced similar to low risk customers. Valuation and assessment of risk needs to be applied to balance out this unfair pricing practice and Polaris Software does just that."

Gordon Robertson, Partner of NetInsure, said: "When you are looking to purchase an item, you want to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible. This is where comes into play. It's a win for the consumer and a win for the insurance companies and we are proud to be the first bringing a true comparison platform to the market in the UAE."

In the initial stage online customers will be able to get free online quotes for personal insurance products like Car, Travel, and Home insurance. However, a few other products are already in the pipeline. Soon all sorts of insurance and associated products will be made available online on

Sanjay Tolani says, "We believe that the online consumer is mature and can make an informed choice of the diverse products and benefits. We are giving the customers the tools and empower them with knowledge so they can select what is right for them".

The brand will also aim to positively impact its community. It discusses augmented issues against the traditional insurance products and promotes road safety, ideas for living a healthier lifestyle and encouraging a better work-life-balance. is the much needed wind of change that blows through the insurance market.
You can find online now.

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