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What is travel insurance and why do I need it?

The cover and benefits provided under travel insurance allow peace of mind and offer economic and psychological security. In respect to the amount of grief and extreme expenses an emergency abroad can cost you, travel insurance is remarkably cheap. Travel should be about wonder and delight, not anxiety and lost funds. The right travel insurance is truly worth it. Many people each year lose their passports and need to call upon the help offered through their travel insurance. Luggage get lost or stolen, flights get cancelled due to bad weather and other issues. With the right travel insurance you can be covered for rescheduling flights and hotel accommodation if there is an extended delay. What about if you get ill? Not many countries offer free medical care so you may need your travel insurance to cover medical fees.

What is the difference between a single trip and annual cover?

The main difference is that a single trip policy covers you only for that specific holiday, exiting the UAE to one or multiple countries, then back to UAE again. While an annual policy will cover you for multiple trips, going to and from the UAE, during the same year. If you travel a lot, finding the right travel insurance and the best price is even more critical. Not only is there a greater chance that at some point you'll need to use your cover, but also there are more savings to be made. Discounts often apply for those travelling frequently, so make sure you purchase the right product. You should think about taking out annual travel insurance if you will be going on several trips throughout the year. It usually pays off if you take more than two overseas trips in a year. 
What does my travel insurance cover?

Some of the examples of cover are listed below. Each insurance company has specific limits that will be mentioned in their policy terms.

o    Emergency medical and associated expenses cover (including repatriation, transport and accommodation, funeral expenses, emergency dental).

o    Loss of travel documents cover.

o    Delayed, lost or stolen personal possessions.

o    Lost or stolen personal money.

o    Personal accident cover (death, permanent loss of sight or limb, permanent total disablement)

o    Cancellation or curtailment (when you have to cut your journey short).

o    Missed departure cover.

o    Delayed departure cover.

o    Personal liability (payable to third party).

o    Legal expenses.


What is the area of cover to choose from?

o    Worldwide (including United States of America, Canada and the Caribbean)

o    Worldwide (excluding United States of America, Canada and the Caribbean)

o    Schengen & UK (Schengen countries, the UK and the Channel Islands)


What additional cover may I choose from?

o    Adventure Sports

o    Winter Sports

o    Water Sports

o    Terrorism Coverage


What is excess and how much is it?

Excess is the amount you have to pay in case of a claim. This will be different for each insurance company and will be mentioned in their policy terms.  

When will the insurance start and when will I receive the policy?

You will be able to choose the starting date of your insurance when you make the online booking, as early as the same day, and at least 2 hours before your departure time. After receipt of your online payment the insurance company will issue the policy documents. A notification with policy number and copy of the policy will be sent to you by email.

What to do in the event of a medical emergency or other travel related problems when abroad?

Each insurance company has a dedicated 24 hours a day and 365 days a year emergency center to assist you. The insurance documents will provide the exact details. Make sure you take a copy with you when leaving the country.  

Why do I need to read the terms & conditions?

All standard and additional coverage have financial limits specified by the insurance companies. Make sure you aware of this by reading the terms & conditions in the insurance policy.  

What is considered as a "family" when you apply for Travel Insurance?

If you are traveling with your family, most insurance companies provide you with a discounted rate. A family consists of you and your spouse and at least one child. Therefore, if you travel as a family you should complete the application with all family members together and not each family member separately. In contrast, if only you and your spouse are traveling together you will not obtain any discount. However, you could still apply together to ease the application process. We advise that you apply separately, if your spouse wants to have different benefits than you. For example, your spouse is doing scuba diving and you don’t. In this case you would pay less than your spouse and applying together will not benefit you.  

What is an Inbound Travel Insurance?

When you visit the UAE for a period of days or weeks, you can get an inbound travel insurance. Medical insurance within the UAE is only available for residents. For visitors and tourists, you are advised to get a travel insurance prior to your arrival to the UAE so you will be covered for emergency cases.

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