overhauls offerings

One of the finalists of the Big Break show on Dubaieye,, an insurance comparison website, has released an updated and refreshed website.

The updates are a result of customer feedback. “Over 12 changes and a total refreshment of its design have been applied to improve usability and customer experience. The highlights include instant quotes in less than 45 sec, user-friendly comparison tables, renewal reminder services, saving quotes and review them later. The changes will improve transparency and the effectiveness for finding the best deal by comparing benefits and prices,” a press release explained.

Vala Setareh, executive director of, said, "The pain of visiting multiple insurance brokers and receiving offline quotes will soon be as outdated as typewriters are today." claims that most companies and brokers in the market keep the insurance buying process offline and do not provide a customer-friendly review process., in contrast, says it has has automated the entire buying process by offering instant online insurance quotes of competing products and buying online; therefore saving time and money in delivering the best product to the consumer.

It says that a number of insurance companies are in the pipeline for getting listed on, which will increase customers' choices and foster market transparency.

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