What to know about Salik

"Salik", meaning open or clear in Arabic, is Dubai's electronic toll system offered by Roads and Transport Authority. Salik utilizes the latest technology to achieve free flow operation with no toll booths, no toll collectors, and no impact to traffic flow. Each time your vehicle passes through a Salik tolling point, a toll of AED 4 will be deducted from your prepaid toll account using advanced Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.

Location of Tolling Gates
There are four tolling gates: Al Garhoud Bridge (both directions), Sheikh Zayed Road near Mall of the Emirates (both directions), Al Maktoum Bridge (both directions) and Al Safa Park Bridge on Sheikh Zayed Road (both directions).

Salik Tag
Salik tag represents the latest generation technology in tolling, operates with no battery or moving parts, and it should last the life of your windshield.
It works in all weather conditions and speeds, and provides highly accurate and reliable identification of your vehicle to the system.

How to register
  • Fill out the application form at any of RTA Salik outlets (Petrol Stations and selected branches of Dubai Islamic Bank and Emirates Bank). Or apply online
  • Hand over the form, the required documents and fees. After verifying the information, you receive your Salik kit which contains the tag.
  • Salik tag must be affixed to your windshield to operate properly and cannot be removed from your vehicle windshield without damaging the tag (see installation instruction here).
  • When your information is registered in the system, you receive an SMS with your account number and PIN which you can use to access your account.

Documents Required:
  • A copy of the car registration card.
  • A copy of the trade license (for companies) Fees.
  • AED 100 for issuing the tag (including AED 50 credit).
  • Salik Credit.

The tag can be topped up through the same outlets after quoting the account number, or by logging into the Salik website. Regular SMS messages are sent to subscribers when their card needs to be topped up.

What if I sell my vehicle?
Call the Salik Customer Service Centre right away to deactivate your Salik tag so your account is not linked to a vehicle you no longer own. You should also remove the tag from the windshield when you sell your vehicle. If you purchase a new vehicle, you will need to contact the Salik Customer Service Centre to purchase a new tag or buy one at a retail location.

What if I damage or lose my tag?
If your Salik tag gets damaged or lost the vehicle owner will need to pay for a new tag to replace it.
Someone else was driving my car at the time of violation. Do I have to pay?
Yes. The owner of the vehicle is responsible for any toll violation, regardless of who was driving at the time the violation occurred.

For more information, please visit www.salik.ae or call 800 SALIK (72545)

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