How do I renew my driving license?

Each year we remember to renew our car registration and auto insurance in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but what about our driving license? Most countries around the world give driving licenses with a validity of 10 and even 20 years or more. When you convert your license in the UAE you will get a license with an expiration period of 10 years. Currently, there is no system in the UAE that reminds you to renew your driving license in time. So be aware and check the expiry date of you license. Don’t let your driving license expire, as it is very likely that the insurance company will reject your claim on the basis that you were not legally allowed to drive a car with an expired driving license.

To renew your license you can visit any RTA Traffic Office branch or RTA’s mall outlet or even online at the RTA website. Since June 2011 you can also renew your driving license at the top four trusted opticians and their branches.

To put it In a nutshell, please remember to have your:

  • car registration renewed every year.
  • vehicle insurance in Dubai or any other Emirate renewed every year.
  • driving license renewed within the expiration period.

For further information visit our FAQ in our car insurance basics

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