5 case scenarios which demonstrate the benefit of Travel Insurance

1. Bad Weather
Remember the volcano ashes in 2011? Cancellation of flights is a real life thread and not far fetched. Imagine you do a vacationing in sunny Turkey, and all of a sudden having to be evacuated due to a Level 5 hurricane. Any property that's lost or damaged will be covered if you bought travel insurance that covers delays or cancellations. Bad weather can be a reason to cancel flights. If your flight is cancelled you can at least book yourself into a hotel through your insurance. This saves you from having to spend nights and days waiting in the airport.

2. Medical Emergency
Most medical insurance policies don't cover your medical costs outside of the UAE. Travel insurance is therefore a must. Accidents happen, and sometimes you may sustaining injuries, or need medical attention. Without travel insurance, you might find yourself in a decrepit clinic with no chance of flying out. Travel insurance can cover your expenses for ambulance services, medical costs, tests, doctors and even to fly in a family member to look after you.

3. Unfit to continue travelling
You may have a medical condition i.e. ear infection or fevers, which make you, unfit to continue your journey. In this case, you need to cancel your air flight or may not be able to postpone the flight. Travel insurance can cover the costs for flight re-bookings and trip cancellations.

4. Lost Baggage
What if your luggage doesn't arrive at your destination?This can be extremly frustrating for you. If your travel insurance includes travel inconvenience you will (usually) be compensated for the value of the contents in your luggage (sometimes subject to excess). If your bags arrive a couple of days later you can purchase necessary items in the meantime, such as clothes and toiletries and get reimbursed by the insurer.

5. Theft
What if you lose your passport or someone steals your important documents? It would be a big headache to find yourself in a strange country with no money and no passport. If you have travel insurance convers you, the insurer will take care of reimbursing your loss and expenses for your lost documents.

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