Why do I need Home Insurance?

Our place to live is often the most valuable commodity in our lives and the contents within are not just expensive, but of great personal value. Whether you are buying your dream home or renting a villa or an apartment, don’t let unexpected events like fire or burglaries threaten what is precious to you. Do not leave yourself open to serious financial loss.

Contents Insurance covers the things that aren’t part of the fabric of your home, such as furniture, curtains, carpets, electrical equipment, and personal belongings (watches, jewelry etc). Insurance companies pay out in the event of a burglary, vandalism, fire, storm and flood. General advantages are the Personal Belongings Cover (whether you’re at home or abroad), the Key Replacement Cover (when keys have been lost or stolen, or accidental damage has occurred to the locks or keys), Loss of Rent and Alternative Accommodation Cover and Contents Temporarily Removed Cover. Coverage will often include Occupier’s and Tenant’s Liability and Fatal Injury Cover for self and spouse.

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