Top 5 things you should know before buying Health Insurance

1. What is generally excluded in a policy?
All policies are subject to exclusions. Exclusion can be anything the insurer will not cover. Hence you will not be reimbursed for medical expenses, which are subject to exclusions. These exclusions vary from policy to policy.Common exclusions include:

• Special or Major Dental Treatment
• Plastic and cosmetic surgery
• Pre-existing conditions
• Conditions developed due to misuse of drugs or alcohol
• Experimental or unproven care
• Fertility treatment or testing
• Any intentionally self-inflicted bodily injuries
• Treatment of psychological conditions
• Termination of pregnancy unless medically prescribed
• AIDS or HIV related diseases.
• Contraception, including sterilization
• Epidemics that are under the direction of the authorities
• Obesity treatments
• Sexual dysfunction
• Treatment of diseases during military service

2. What are waiting periods?
Waiting periods prevent you from making claims soon after signing on to an insurance plan, or from claiming on pre-existing conditions.The duration of a waiting period varies among insurance companies. The most commonly encountered plan benefits that have waiting periods are maternity and dental.All insurance companies have different policies regarding the use of waiting periods, so it is best to speak with one of our advisors.

3. What are pre-conditions?
In a nutshell a pre-condition is a condition that exists or is established before the first day of your policy coverage. For example if you have an existing injury or an ongoing medical treatment i.e. diabetes, high blood pressure etc. Most insurers exclude pre-conditions. The few insurers who accept it do it on a case-by-case basis and require a medical report (which you have to pay for).Others may apply a waiting period for pre-existing conditions and a sublimit. Serious cases are usually rejected. A health insurance advisor can help you find the policy that will best cover your healthcare needs

4. Are my Chronic Conditions covered?
Chronic condition is a disease/health condition that is persistent or long-lasting in nature, such as: diabetes, asthma, or heart disease.Not all medical plans cover chronic conditions in full. Other plans will restrict the cover to the ‘Acute Phases’ of the condition or put a limit on its expenses i.e. annual or lifetime limit on the cover. A health insurance advisor can help you find the policy that will best cover your healthcare needs.

5. How can I be covered for Maternity?
Most policies have an option for maternity coverage BUT apply different waiting periods and conditions. The waiting period for a maternity benefit may vary among insurers; typically the waiting period can range 6 to 12 months. You need to review the limits on maternity coverage, as anything in the range of AED 10-25,000 will barely cover your costs for pre - and postnatal treatment. Maternity coverage will usually provide for the following:

• Pre and postnatal treatment
• Normal delivery
• Complicated delivery
• Medically prescribed Caesarean

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