Dental Insurance in the UAE

Although dental coverage is not available as a stand-alone product, some of the more comprehensive insurance plans include routine dental treatment up to certain limits and a maximum number of visits to the dentist. Some insurance plans offer dental coverage at additional premiums.

If dental insurance benefits are included in your policy then typically the following may be covered by the insurer provided the treatment is medically necessary: for example; X-Rays, Scaling and polishing in case of gum disease, dental consultation and medication, Amalgam and composite filling, simple extractions, surgical extractions and root canal treatment. However, it is very difficult to generalize dental coverage as every insurer has their own caveats and exclusions.

Orthodontic treatment is usually for children below 18 years and not for adults. Pre-existing orthodontic conditions will not be covered if pre-existing diseases are excluded under the policy. Hence it is advisable to insure children at a young age! Most providers consider tooth replacement for adults as a cosmetic treatment and exclude this in their policies. At best a provider may insure you with a waiting period.

In the standard cover of a health insurance policy, emergency dental treatment is usually covered, although often only in the hospital’s emergency room.

As you can see, in the UAE, medical insurance companies offer dental cover with limitations and restrictions. As such, the best advice is: prevention is better than cure. Maintain your teeth and brush twice a day, floss every day and try to refrain from smoking.

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