Should I accept the insurance offered by my car dealer?

You are about to buy a new car? Most likely you will receive an insurance offer from the car dealer. Although it seems very convenient to accept it you should think twice.

It is quite common in the UAE that car dealers or agents try to convince you to have your motor insurance in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or any other Emirate arranged by them as well. Please keep in mind that although a dealer may offer it purely as matter of customer service, there is almost always a financial benefit for the dealer involved. In most cases dealers have a special arrangement with a single insurance company. Hence, the deal is not independent, is acting bias and therefore not in your best interest, as he or she gains a financial benefit from selling the insurance policy to you. If you don’t want waste time and visit different insurance companies to get a good deal, then you should make use of a fair and independent website where you can compare different insurance products side-by-side.

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