Which Insurance Companies to choose from?

In the UAE there are more than 48 insurance companies. The amount of choices is therefore overwhelming. So how can you ensure you get the best deal?

We do the cherry picking for you and filter the most suitable deals for you. Our panel of insurance companies includes the most reliable insurance companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We deal with regional and multinational insurance companies with local offices in the UAE.

International companies have excellent and fast procedures. They also have great reputations, which, thanks to their multinational status and huge marketing budgets, are famous around the world. However, local companies like Noor Takaful, National General Insurance (NGI) or any other Abu Dhabi Insurance Company or Dubai Insurance Company offer great value for money while their service standards can be just as good as multinational companies. InsureMe.ae will compare insurance products side-by-side so that you can view your best suitable options.

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