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Dental bills give residents a toothache, majority clueless about insurance coverage

By Majorie van Leijen
Published Friday, November 23, 2012

People are often surprised by their medical bill after treatment, as they were not fully aware of what their insurance company was willing to pay.

By the time Maria Dillenheim had her tooth filled and polished, there was not much that could be done. Her bill came down to more than D600, and her insurance company would only cover the consultation costs.


Khaleej Times


As printed on April 30, 2012 in Khaleej Times, the only insurance comparison website in the UAE launched

United Arab Emirates: Tuesday, June 21 - 2011 at 11:45PRESS RELEASE is the first and currently the only insurance comparison website in the UAE for purchasing insurance online. A one-stop-shop where consumers can compare, select and buy insurance products from the comfort of their PC., by its very nature promotes a competitive market place for insurance products. This in turn encourages insurance companies to continuously improve and develop their products for the benefit of the customer - a development very much encouraged by the UAE Insurance Authorities.

Read more... overhauls offerings

One of the finalists of the Big Break show on Dubaieye,, an insurance comparison website, has released an updated and refreshed website.

The updates are a result of customer feedback. “Over 12 changes and a total refreshment of its design have been applied to improve usability and customer experience. The highlights include instant quotes in less than 45 sec, user-friendly comparison tables, renewal reminder services, saving quotes and review them later. The changes will improve transparency and the effectiveness for finding the best deal by comparing benefits and prices,” a press release explained.


Most wage-earners in Dubai have no health insurance

Here's how to choose the right cover
By Majorie van Leijen
Published Saturday, January 14, 2012
It has been rumoured for a while now. Although nobody knows of when and how, mandatory health insurance for all residents of Dubai is on the lure.

In a survey conducted among 5,000 residents by Dubai Health Authority (DHA) in 2010, statistics showed that 75 per cent of Asian and Arab residents had no health insurance. Among the group existing of wage-earners with an average of Dh2,273 in salary a month, less than 23 per cent was covered by a health insurance.


You can save Dh 25000 this year

While it might seem a stretch, saving Dh25,000 this year is a realistic target for most people on a reasonable salary. And used wisely, this money can be invested to help secure a comfortable future

Start by reviewing your living costs with the aim of saving about Dh2,000 a month. Gulf News spoke to some financial experts who provided some tried and tested advice:
Opt for cheaper rental accommodation
Rents in popular areas, have remained fairly static over the last twelve months, so there is room for negotiation.
If your lease is up for renewal ask for a reduction in rent with your landlord.


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